Online air conditioning training programs consist of instruction in several areas of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) field. Students must learn the principles behind refrigerant technology as well as the service and repair of air conditioning units.


Air conditioning training programs teach students to diagnose air conditioner problems, how to repair refrigerant units and the proper maintenance of HVAC equipment. Students also learn how to properly mount air conditioning units, how to outfit new ductwork into existing HVAC systems and how to charge air conditioning systems. Participants also attain a general knowledge of electrical components and how they relate to HVAC systems, such as proper wiring techniques and ground and continuity testing.


Program length varies from program to program, but an intensive online air condition training course commonly lasts 60 days.


Program fees vary based on the instruction provider and program length. As October 2010, however, an online air conditioning training course cost $698.

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