A large, populous state, Texas requires many teachers to educate the state's students. Teachers work in elementary, middle and high schools and work in a traditional classroom or with special education students. Each type of teacher has its own pay scale in Texas.


As of May 2009, Texas elementary school teachers earned an average annual salary of $49,970, with elementary special education teachers receiving $49,130 a year. Middle school teachers received $50,350 while middle school special education teachers were paid an average of $49,860. High school, or secondary, teachers received an average salary of $52,270 and high school special education teachers were paid $50,920, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


The lowest paid 10 percent of teachers in Texas made about $37,650 a year as elementary school teachers, $38,100 as middle school teachers and less than $38,540 as high school teachers, notes the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The highest paid 10 percent of elementary school teachers made more than $64,880 with middle school teachers and high school teachers earning $65,300 and $68,820 respectively.


Teacher salary often varies on factors such as school location, years of teacher experience, the degree a teacher holds and the need for a particular job. Most first year teachers earn less than the average salary.

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