As with any construction equipment, the safe and efficient operation of motor graders is essential. The motor grader has a number of adjustments in the blade, moldboard and tilt of the front wheels.

Moldboard and Blade

The moldboard is the curved part of the plow. The edge of the plow is the blade. Both the moldboard and blade have multiple adjustments that can perform specific tasks while maximizing the life of the equipment. The blade can adjusted relative to the ground which is horizontal adjustment.


The moldboard can be adjusted relative to the length of the grader. Generally, 30 to 45 degrees are used for most moldboard applications. The angle of the blade will depend upon the applications such as smoothing washboards or spreading fine materials.

Haul Roads

A major function of motor graders is the construction and maintenance of haul roads.The haul road should be smooth enough to allow fast travel on uphill slopes between 12 and 15 percent. The road should follow the shortest route and be one-way when possible. Intersections with other roads should be 90 degrees with sufficient sight distance to allow safe stopping.

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