A school yearbook serves as a reminder of your school days for years to come. A yearbook always contains pictures of each student and faculty member, as well as group photos of clubs and sports activities. Make your yearbook more memorable and lively by including a "most likely to" election in its pages. Members of your class will vote on the person or people they think will be most likely to achieve each item first.

Become a Millionaire

This award names the person your class thinks will have the greatest financial success after graduation. The award may go to the most business-minded student or a star actress from your school plays. If you have a classmate who likes to invent things, he may very well be a millionaire in 10 years if one of his inventions proves successful. When you have your class reunion years down the road, it will be intriguing to see how successful your nominee became and who, if anyone, became more successful.

Get Married

Every graduating class has one couple that has been dating for several years, perhaps since middle school. They are the unbreakable pair, the school's sweethearts. When you attend your class reunion, there will always be at least one married couple who dated when you were classmates. This election will attempt to predict the couple in your class that will go the distance and marry each other after graduation.

Make the Cover of "Rolling Stone"

This category is reserved for the aspiring singer or rock band in your class that you collectively agree will achieve a successful music career after graduation. This person may be the star of every musical and talent show that your school produces. He may be a recluse from your high school marching band. Perhaps they will be the group of rebellious teenagers who sit in the corner of the cafeteria without saying a word to anyone. Replace "Rolling Stone" with any magazine title, such as "Vogue" for aspiring models, "People" for heroes or "PC Magazine" for your technologically-savvy classmates.

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