With mounting costs for a four year Bachelor’s degree, many people are left wondering how to pay for it. For most people getting an associate's degree seems a waste of time; but the truth is that there are jobs to get with an AA degree that not only give you experience, but also needed income if you want to continue on to a higher degree. Which jobs would those be?

Consider business administration. While most people associate a business administration with simple office work, there is much more required to get this job. An AA degree gives you the skills to run the highly complex office as seen in healthcare and administrative positions. This type of work can also lead up to other positions such as being an assistant to a corporate executive or office management in a healthcare facility.

Look at accounting. It is possible to get an accounting job with an Associate of Accounting degree. Two year program degrees allow entry into fields such as payroll, billing, auditing and accounts receivable or accounts payable offices. There are also property, real estate and association manager positions which use an AA degree requirement to get the job.

Consider culinary. Depending on the school you attend, getting a job with an AA degree could place you in environments ranging from specialty bakeries to fine dining. Many schools, such as the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), offer an Associate's degree for pastries, sues chef and other specialized areas.

Review general education. Getting a job in education with an AA degree depends on what you are looking for. Jobs range from Teacher’s Aid to Media Specialist. There are also jobs in Educational Service Cooperatives as well as Tutor positions. If you are bilingual, getting a job with an AA degree is even simpler.

Consider criminal justice. Getting a job with an AA degree in Criminal Justice is also still possible. While most positions of higher level will require a B.A. or B.S to qualify, many criminal justice positions such as police officer, probation officer (for smaller areas) and security are still available. With most careers, getting a job with an AA degree will help get into the field and then allow you greater income to move onto higher qualifications and positions.

Look at graphic arts or being a designer. While not the glamorous high paying ad executive job, having an AA degree allows you to get a position as an entry level graphic artist or designer. An AA degree could also get you in the door of an ad agency or public relations firm. Let’s not also forget the fashion industry which employs junior designers and assistants to help create general designs and help manage projects.

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