If you are interested in attending college and you need to research different universities, then you should consider getting information sent to your home about these universities. You want to choose a university that is affordable, that fits in with your academic and professional goals, that has a vibrant campus life and that has a solid support system for students. You can get started by meeting with your guidance counselor to discuss your options.

Attend your high school's college fair. Visit the booths of the colleges you're interested in and ask the admissions representatives what these colleges have to offer potential students as well as what the admission requirements are. Sign up for the universities' mailing lists to have brochures sent to your home.

Visit a university's admissions department website. Click on links such as "Contact Us," "About Us" or "Get More Information" so you can receive an informational packet from the university. If you're interested in finding out more about a certain major, email the department chairperson to get information on that degree program.

Call the university's admissions office. Tell the representative that you are currently researching different colleges and that you want to learn more about this university. Ask the representative when the deadline is for mailing out an application as well as what the general admission requirements are.

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