Getting the most out of a teacher's class requires practice and technique. Whether you're in high school or college -- or even a business meeting -- it's never too late to improve your note-taking skills. Notes help you remember what you've heard and read. Master note-taking to improve your performance, grades and time management skills.

Listen carefully to your instructor so you comprehend what she's saying. Use simple sentences or paragraphs to jot down important facts.

Include any examples your teacher provides -- he may include this type of information on an exam or quiz.

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Write down details as clearly and as quickly as possible. Use standard abbreviations and symbols, such as " w/" for the word "with" and "abr" for the word "abbreviation."

Develop your own abbreviations and symbols for words you use often. For instance, you may want to use "g" for "gas" if you're taking a science class.

Skip unnecessary words, such as "the" and "a," when you take notes.

Review your notes as soon as you get home to ensure you understand them. Rewrite your notes, if necessary, while your memory of the lecture is still fresh.


  • Sit near the front of the room. In addition to making it easier for you to pay attention, this strategy provides you with a better view of the blackboard or projector screen.

Things Needed

  • Paper
  • Pen or pencil

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