The average high school student has literally thousands of colleges to pick from. How do you choose from that many colleges? To help narrow down the selection process of picking a college follow these guidelines.

How to Pick a College to Attend

Decide what your major is going to be. You can begin looking at what colleges you want to attend based on if they offer the major that you want to study. This will narrow down the colleges but not enough so you need to continue with the next step.

Decide on cost. If cost is a factor then eliminate the college that is not in your price range. But before you do eliminate a college consider scholarships and financial aid ability. You may qualify and are not even aware of it.

Decide if you want to attend college in the state that you live in or attend one out of state. Usually it is less expensive for state residents to attend a college in that state. Other things to consider are the cost of travel back and forth to home, your family situation and if you just feel comfortable living in another state.

Decide whether you want to attend a University, state, community, or private college. If this has any bearing on your decision then decide before going any further. Some have their advantages. For example a private college may be religious in nature, a community college may be less expensive, and a state college may offer incentives to attend their college or university.

Narrow your college choice down to no more than ten colleges. When you do come up with a list of these colleges write a letter or email their admissions department for information on admissions. Follow through with the application procedures.


• Do not give up on attending college. In today’s work force a minimum of a bachelors degree is required. • Consider starting out at a community college and getting a liberal arts degree. Then applying to a secondary college to obtain your bachelor degree.

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