How to Learn the English Language. There are many unusual things in the English language, making it difficult for some people to master. For those who really want to learn, however, learning English means applying yourself in the areas of not only speaking the language but also listening to it and writing and reading it.

Learn the English language's parts of speech. There are eight of these: verbs, adverbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, prepositions, interjections and conjunctions.

Understand English vocabulary. If you're speaking to someone and don't understand what they're saying, you can remedy this by one of two ways: find a dictionary or ask them to explain.

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Know how to pronounce words. Listen carefully when others are talking so you can mimic their pronunciation. You can also listen to CDs to learn how to pronounce words correctly. The English Club offers a CD set that teaches the 52 sounds of the English language. See Resources below to get these CDs.

Read the classics and other books in English. Reading is one of four skills you need to learn the English language. The others are writing, speaking and listening.

Practice writing English. Understand when to use capital letters and when to use lowercase letters. Work on spelling and punctuation to be sure you're writing it correctly. Use the spelling and grammar check in your word processor to check yourself.


There may be classes that your employer offers to help you learn English.

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