Having a high school diploma is a requirement for most jobs today. However, in the United States 15% of adults do not have one. With the Internet, it's simple to lie on a job application or buy a diploma online. If you want to make sure the job applicant you are interviewing actually graduated from high school, there are ways you can confirm it.

Request an authorization from the job applicant to confirm their high school diploma. The job applicant needs to write a letter so that his high school will release the high school diploma.

Get the address of the school. You can visit the website of the school or you find it in a phone directory.

Go to the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) website to find out if the school is duly accredited.

Confirm the high school diploma of the job applicant. Write a letter to the school for the confirmation or call them for the information. In order to confirm the high school diploma of the job applicant, you have to tell them the applicant’s name and date of graduation. You also need to send them the letter either through snail mail or fax.

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