Your AP number is the key to accessing online information that can help you excel in the challenging Advanced Placement classes. Keeping track of that tiny bit of information after juggling demanding AP classes and college applications isn’t always easy.


If you have misplaced your AP number, there are a few ways to find it.

Locate the AP Number

When you take the AP test, you will be given an AP student pack stuffed with important information. Your AP number is located on the front page of this pack at the top.

The packet comes with a removable card that is designed like a credit card. Keep it in your wallet for quick access. It may be a good idea to take a picture of it or scan it into your computer for easy access to this vital information for your college acceptance in the future.

My AP Classroom

Taking advantage of online assistance such as My AP Classroom can relieve the pressure that can come with these classes.

Once you have your AP number, you can log on to My AP Classroom to complete a host of tasks. Through My AP Classroom, students can update their registration information, enroll in AP classes, access the teacher’s My AP Classroom assignments and receive specific feedback from instructors to improve their study habits.

The AP portal is beneficial at many levels of a student’s AP path. The pre-AP section connects students to their teachers, assignments and instructional resources. Feedback is given in digital unit assessments that can help the student measure his progress.

Requesting Your AP Number

Whether you are looking for your old AP scores or expecting your first AP number, the information you need can be accessed in a few ways. A student may only request her number after the current year’s scores are made available online.

Your AP score report will be rolled out each July. This will include your AP number. You may also call AP Services at (609) 771-7300 or toll free (in the United States and Canada) at (888) 225-5427 to request your AP number.

Purpose of AP Courses and Exams

Fast-paced Advanced Placement classes dig deeper into coursework. The in-depth and demanding courses can also put you on the fast track to college acceptance. A student who has successfully completed a slew of AP courses will stand out to admissions officers. Good scores in AP classes can eclipse your standardized test scores if you have less than stellar test-taking skills.

The skills you obtain while studying and researching in your AP classes are invaluable. You will be better prepared for college courses after studying to take the comprehensive AP exam. While you don’t have to take AP classes to take the AP exam, students who traverse the AP coursework are preparing themselves with study habits and skills to ace the exam.

Advanced Placement Course Details

From biology to computer science, there are 38 AP subjects from which a student can benefit. It is up to the high school to choose the AP courses it will offer. If you have the opportunity, look around for a high school that offers AP classes in the area you intend to study, such as pre-med or a foreign language.

Many AP classes also offer college credits. This allows the students to better focus on subjects that interest them in their first years of college instead of slogging through rudimentary courses such as basic math and English.

The AP courses in which you excel during high school can significantly increase your GPA. AP classes are given extra weight by many high schools.

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