The GRE is a test administered by the nonprofit Educational Testing Service and is often used as an entrance assessment for graduate schools in the U.S. Student scores are reported directly to the schools a student requests, but students can ask for additional score reports several years after they take the test. Test results are kept on record for a minimum of five years, but the Educational Testing Service keeps extensive score archives and may be able to access students scores from longer ago than that.

Register for a My GRE account with the Educational Testing Service. (See Resource 1.) You will need to provide your legal name, address and date of birth. Most students' scores will remain online for several years, so even if it's been a while since you've taken the test, you should be able to access your scores. More recent GRE scores are available 15 days after the test for students who took the test via computer and six weeks after the test for students who took the paper GRE. (See Reference 2.)

View your scores online using your My GRE account. After you have created an account and logged in, simply click the tab that allows you to view your scores. You will then be able to see your comprehensive score report.

Call (888) 473-7267 to obtain your scores by phone. Deaf students can call the deaf-accessible number at (888) 473-8333. Educational Testing Service charges a $12 fee for score reports ordered by phone. If your scores are older than five years, you may have to pay extra or wait an additional period of time to obtain your scores.

Log into your My GRE account to send scores to schools. You are entitled to send scores to up to four schools for free. If you are sending scores to additional schools, you can pay by credit or debit card online.

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