Do you want to go to college? Have you wanted to take the GED and thought I do not have the money? Well this article should be helpful for you if you live in Ohio and would like to take the test for free.

A reason to get the ged* I myself got my ged and I will tell you that I feel it was the best thing I ever did. I should have finished high school but I did not so I thought the next best thing for me was to get my ged. So first and foremost know that you want to get your ged that way no one and nothing will stop you.

Contact your local library* This is what I did to see if they offered classes to improve my learning skills. Most do and this is the good part if you take these classes and pass you can get what is called a wavier which will allow you to take the ged test for free! Now I know that helped me out because I was a mom and I was pregnant at the time as well so for me to take the ged test for free was really a need.

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Study* You need to devote a lot time to study for the ged. For some it comes easy but for others it takes a little longer do not get discouraged it will pay off if you keep studying.

Take the Practice Tests* This is where you will receive the wavier you must pass all the practice tests in order to take the ged for free. The great thing about it if you fail a certain subject they will help you study again to take it and thus pass it.

Get the Wavier* Once you get the wavier you are able to now take the ged and you must fill out some info for the state and setup a test taking time, they are offered at different places all over the state. There you have how to take the ged test for free in Ohio.


  • If there is no local library contact the closes one to your city or town.
  • If you need help in a certain area tell the teacher so they can help you with the certain subject.

Things Needed

  • a want to get your ged
  • time to make calls
  • contact your local library

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