For English teachers, keeping a class engaged can sometimes be a difficult process. One of the best ways to get students interested in learning is to incorporate games into the classroom. There are plenty of games that apply to English class that can serve as fun, educational ways for students to learn.


Hangman is a classic game that is easy for students to learn how to play and can be played either as a class or in pairs. Choose words or phrases related to the topic currently being studied, and reserve the game for Fridays or toward the end of the school day. While hangman is suitable for all ages, it works best in an elementary education setting.

Word Association

Word association games work well in early childhood education and are perfect ways to drive home the meaning of certain words and concepts. Begin by giving the class a word, such as "bathroom," and each student will elaborate on words that might serve as associations. For example, the first student might choose "water" as their word and the second might choose "ocean." This game should be played as an entire class or in small groups.

Word Boggle

Word boggle games are great for elementary students learning how to form words from a set of letters. Write four or five random letters on the board and ask each student to develop as many words out of those letters as possible within the time frame of one or two minutes. The person who can come up with the most words by the end of the exercise wins the game.

Word Search

Word search games are easy to devise, and can be implemented in the classroom of just about any education level. Develop a word search related to whatever topic the class is currently studying and ask each student to complete it by giving them a key of 10 to 20 words to find. The first person to complete the word search wins the game.

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