Many high schools make floats for their homecoming parades to rally the community for the big game. Some schools have a competition between underclassmen and upperclassmen in which each is judged by the creativity and technical difficulty of the float design. Float ideas for a high school homecoming are not just about themes. These ideas also include construction techniques and materials to make the floats more durable and professional-looking.


Using chicken wire, glue and tissue paper, you can create a float that looks both professional and creative. Cut the chicken wire into rectangles and staple them onto wooden frames that will hang from the bottom of the trailer. On these banners you can include the name of your high school, year, class or any spirited slogans. Print your words in a large font and tape them behind the frames to use as a template. Place the end of a half-inch-diameter wooden dowel in the center of a piece of 2-by-2-inch tissue paper. Loosely twist the paper around the dowel and dip the bottom of it in glue. Be careful not to get glue on the top of the papers. Use the dowel to push the tissue, or pomp, into one of the holes in the chicken wire. Continue doing this until your banner is completed. You can use this same pomping technique to create characters, signs and other pieces for the float design.


Use the same pomping technique used with chicken wire, except instead of gluing the pomps into the wire holes, you will glue the bottom of the pomps to a piece of cardboard. Cut the cardboard into banners that will fit around the bottom of the wagon or trailer as the skirts of the float. Print the words in a large font and glue the papers to the front of the cardboard. It is helpful for the volunteers if you make notes on the paper of what color to use in which spots. For example, if you want the background yellow and the letters blue and white, then write the letter Y in a few different spots around the background, and the letters B and W in alternating letters.

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