Whether you are a medical student, a practitioner who wants to brush up on medical terminology skills, or a novice who is curious about medical terminology, there are a variety of courses available both online and in-person on this subject. While most of these courses require a fee, some are free and are ideal for those who just want to dabble in this area of study.

Free Ed

This comprehensive website offers a medical terminology course that has 28 lessons for the interested learner, as well as multiple choice and matching exams for the four sections that the course is broken up into. Courses offered include "Basic Components of Medical Terms," "Prefixes Pertaining to Color," and "Suffixes Pertaining to Symptoms."


For individuals who want to take an accredited course whereby, upon successful completion, they will receive a certificate of approval from the issuing agency, the Corexcel course is ideal. This course can also applied towards 9.5 continuing education units (CEUs) at an accredited university. Although it is costlier than other similar courses at $318 as of July 2010, the student can complete it entirely online at her own pace up to one year. There are 15 modules of study accompanied by question and answer sections, case studies, and a glossary with audio to help students learn the correct pronunciation of different terms.

Des Moines University (DMU)

Hosted by DMU and offered free online, this course was designed by Donald Matz, Ph.D and William J. Dyche, Ph.D. It covers 13 different topics that include, but are not limited to, the circulatory system, the nervous system, and cancer words. This course is designed for those interested in expanding their knowledge of medical terminology; however, DMU offers no certification associated with its free online edition.

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