Caregivers take care of disabled, ill or incompetent people, usually the elderly. Their responsibilities can consist of helping patients with bathing and eating, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, paying for bills, taking vital signs, and giving medicine. Although caregiving may sound simple, caregivers are professional health-care providers with formal training. There is always need for caregivers and more and more people are considering it as a career as the aging population increases. There are numerous training schools across North America that offer caregiving training. Check your local vocational or community college to see if they offer caregiver programs.

AC Caregiver and CPR Training

This caregiver school in Orange County, Los Angeles County focuses on preparing their students to render senior care through knowledge, competent skills and training. AC Caregiver and CPR Training aims to provide students with extensive caregiver training programs to be able to proceed with opportunities like being a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Their program includes job assistance and caregiver certificate of completion. The school believes that every client needs compassionate care. Students are trained to plan and give personalized care for each patient and to contribute to the progress of his health and rehabilitation.

Arriba Juntos

Arriba Juntos is a nonprofit training organization based in San Francisco that offers different caregiver programs for students to choose from. One program is the Certified Nurse Assistant training program that prepares the student for long- term care services to a client. Upon completion of training, the student is eligible to take the State Certification on site. There is also the Certified Home Health Aid (CHHA) program that is in conjunction with the CNA training program. This CHHA training focuses on the personal care rendered to disabled adults or the elderly. The third program Arriba Juntos offers is the Home Care program. This prepares the students to care for incapacitated individuals and properly assist them with their activities in daily living.

Cambridge Nursing Assistant Academy

Cambridge Nursing Assistant Academy is located in Maryland. It offers various trainings in the field of healthcare. Their Certified Nurse Assistant training program includes lecture discussions as well as hands on experience with tasks and procedures such as taking vital signs, assuring patient’s safety and caring for patients with disorders and diseases. Upon completion of the training program, students are eligible to take the national test that determines the capability of the student to perform care to geriatric clients and be qualified as a Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA).

American Healthcare Training

American Healthcare training is based in Oregon. They offer Certified Nurse Assistant I and II programs. CNA I training can prepare you for basic treatment procedures and activities such as vital signs taking, weighing and patient safety. CNA will also give you an opportunity to become CNA II or a Certified Medication Aide. Their programs offer a fast way of entering the health field with experience and training.

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