In the cultural melting pot we live in today, we encounter many different ethnic groups that speak different languages. With the influx of Egyptians and Arabs living in the United States, the ability to speak the Arabic language would be a helpful tool. Here are a few basic words to help you communicate better.


Yes—na am No—laa Okay—away Please—min fudluk Good-bye—ma salaama


Breakfast—iftar Lunch—gadaa Dinner—ashaa Milk—haleeb Coffee—qahwa Chicken—dajaa Fish—samak


Sunday—al ahad Monday—al ithnain Tuesday—al thaltha Wednesday—al arba Thursday—al khamees Friday—al juma Saturday—al sabat


Grandfather—Jadd Grandmother—Jaddah Father—Ab Mother—Umm Brother—Akh Sister—Akht Son—Ibn Daughter—Bint

Colors and Numbers

Red—Ahmar Blue—Azrak Brown—Buni, Jauzi Purple—Urjuwan, Banafsaji Black—Aswad Green—Akhdar zero—siffr one—wahid two—itnain three—thalatha four—arba five—khumsah six—settah seven—sabaa eight—thama aneeya nine—tissaa ten—asharah


Ureedu an aakul—I want to eat. Laa aakulu laham al-khunzeer—I don't eat pork. Aina almataar—Where is the airport? Aina al-funduq—Where is the hotel? Min aina anta—Where are you from? Tasharrafnaa—We are honored Shukran —Thank you

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