In today's global society, people are well aware of the more obvious advantages of learning a foreign language for college students, young job seekers and world travelers. Educational literature also abounds regarding the advantages of being bilingual from childhood. Learning a foreign language also brings other, less evident but equally beneficial advantages. These advantages can positively influence your health and family relations, bringing benefits to the young and mature foreign language learner alike.

Brain Fitness

Recent medical studies bring attention to the positive effects learning a foreign language has on the health of the human brain. According to National Geographic, studies by York University of Alzheimer's patients demonstrated that those who were bilingual had a significant delay in the onset of the disease compared with their monolingual counterparts. Other studies concerning the health of monolingual and bilingual patients' brains showed that the effects of dementia were less advanced in bilingual patients even though their brains showed more brain damage as a result of the disease.

Job Preservation

Knowledge of a foreign language is equally useful for maintaining employment, particularly in industries where companies look to relocate business or expand into other markets. This is because downsized or outsourced employees who speak the language of the country where the company plans to relocate can gain an advantage in the race to be appointed to a post in the new location. Knowledge of the language of the region where your company is expanding into new markets can make you indispensable to the success of the business as you bridge the cultural gap between the two locations.

Family Ties and Networks

Knowing a foreign language can help keep your extended family intact while also expanding your network of contacts. For example, if your family came to the United States during World War II from Germany, you may also have family members who remained in Germany and others who migrated to places like Argentina and Chile; therefore knowing Spanish and German will help you stay in contact with those family members and will also be useful in conducting any genealogical research about your ancestry. On social networking sites, members speak many languages and live all over the globe; knowing another language permits you to reach people who would not necessarily be in your network due to the difference in language. This enlarges the geographical scope of your relationships and enables you to expand your business and personal contacts.

Additional Compensation

Some employers are willing to offer additional compensation to employees who have verifiable foreign language competency, particularly if such languages are in high demand like Arabic, Urdu and Farsi. For example, the U.S. Army provides a Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus (FLPB) for any soldier with proficiency in a foreign language. Similarly, the Central Intelligence Agency provides hiring bonuses and "language maintenance" bonuses for employees proficient in another language through their Foreign Language Incentive Program.

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