Unfortunately, no online law school is accredited by the American Bar Association, the umbrella group for law schools and lawyers. But this does not mean that it's impossible for a person to become a lawyer after earning an online law degree.

Becoming A Lawyer

Every state but California requires lawyers to graduate from an accredited law school and to pass the bar exam. In California, however, 60 college credits and 864 hours per year of correspondence law classes (not accredited) enable you to qualify to take the bar. After practicing law in California for five to seven years, you can then sit for the bar in other states.

Traditional Law Schools

No traditional law school offers law classes online.

Online Law Schools

While none are accredited (and thus not useful except in California), there are online law schools. Some of the better known schools include Concord Law School and the Abraham Lincoln University School of Law (see resource list for more).

An LL.M Degree

The LL.M degree is a post graduate degree for those that have finished law school and want a specialization. These degrees are possible online, including from ABA-approved schools like NYU. More and more schools are putting LL.M degrees online.

A Helpful Book

Use the Online Law Schools Book to help you find the most current information on what law degrees and careers are available online.

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